Statistical Thinking and Tools for Productivity

Half-Day Seminar

Seminar Description

This seminar points out the common pitfalls in information analysis and interpretation, and explains how simple statistical concepts and techniques, when correctly applied, can improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making and general productivity.

Learning Objectives

This seminar aims at imparting to the participants the essence of Statistical thinking as well as basic techniques useful to raising productivity at various levels.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this introductory seminar, participants will be aware of important approaches to analyzing and solving data-based real-world problems or designing new systems, thus avoiding unproductive practices in their respective areas of work.

Who Should Attend

Managers and personnel with responsibilities for data collection, analysis and interpretation for problem solving and decision-making in the course of raising productivity. The discussions will be generic and not confined to any particular industry or profession.


Statistical Thinking in Everyday Work

~ The statistical mind: illustrations

~ Detecting misuse and misrepresentations

~ User-oriented designs and presentations 

Statistics and Productivity

~ The management perspective

~ Frameworks for reducing waste and variation

~ Examples and case studies

Important Statistical Approaches

~Difference between Statistical Thinking and statistical work

~Probability and Statistics; application of models

~Principles of essential statistical techniques


Prof. Goh Thong Ngee
5 October 2017
National University of Singapore
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Course Fee
Standard Fee: SGD $428

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* The course date is subject to change. Please check TDSI website for programme updates. 

* Participants who fully complete the half-day course may qualify for PDUs by the PEB.