Systems and Statistical Thinking for Operational Excellence

One-day course: 14 January 2020

Course Description

This short course explains how Systems and Statistical thinking can improve operational efficiency and effectiveness in today’s complex and changing environments. Various examples and interactive discussions will be used to illustrate how insightful and competitive solutions can result from such thinking processes, overcoming possible wastes and shortcomings of the single-subject, deterministic  approach commonly seen in conventional education curricula.

Learning Objectives

This short course aims at imparting to the participants important concepts and tools of Systems and Statistical thinking useful to decision-making at various operational levels.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be aware of more productive approaches to analyzing and solving real-world problems or designing new systems, and would be able to handle situations in their respective areas of work with fresh perspectives.

Who Should Attend

Managers and personnel with responsibilities for problem solving and decision-making in operational analysis, design and execution. The discussions will be generic and not confined to any particular industry or profession.


Fundamentals of Operational Excellence

Þ Impact of system definition on operational decisions

Þ Ambiguities in objectives and achievements

Þ Inter-relations among performance, resources and constraints

Systems and Statistical Perspectives

Þ Necessity and importance of statistical thinking

Þ Transition from data to information to decision making

Þ Examples of counter-intuitive results in data analysis

Data-Driven Information and Knowledge

Þ Conditions for valid information analysis

Þ Common system modeling procedures

Þ System models: use, misuse and abuse

Handling Complex or Unfamiliar Systems

Þ Avoiding pitfalls in real-world data collection and analysis

Þ Principles of efficient and effective data management

Þ Productivity in the face of uncertainties and unknowns



Prof. Goh Thong Ngee
14 January 2020
National University of Singapore
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